Bring back childhood memories and introduce “the original guessing game” to your kids and grandkids With the Guess Who? game each player chooses a mystery character card and then using yes or no questions they try to figure out the other player's mystery person This edition features character art and most character names not seen in other editions such as hat-wearing Sam Amy with glasses and Al with the big white beard! 
Challenge opponents to a series of games or up the challenge by not asking if the mystery person is a boy or a girl until the third turn The Guess Who? game is a great indoor activity for kids ages 6 and up

Includes: 2 game boards, 48 face cards, 24 mystery cards, 10 scoring pegs, and instructions
" Features tabletop gameboards and game pieces "
"Players try to guess each other's mystery character"
"For 2 players "
Ages 6 and up " For 2 players. "
Adult assembly required

Guess Who